Onboard seakeeping support
Graphical weather presentation and advanced route planning system predicts ship's dynamics as well as general performance in terms of speed, fuel consumption and ETA. Weather supplied by Aerospace and Marine International (AMI).

AMI Seaware EnRoute® is an advanced onboard route planning system from the Seaware Onboard product line.
•   Graphical weather presentation.

•   Graphical route planning tools.

•   Prediction of ship's dynamics and general

•   Route comparisons.

•   GPS interface provides route import and
    position tracking.

•   Automatic route and performance updating.

•   Daily ship-to-land reports.

•   Easy installation and configuration.
The user interface is built around a chart on which selected weather parameters are graphically displayed.
AMI Seaware EnRoute® User Interface
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Routes are input using waypoints to form a sequence of legs. New routes are easily created and edited interactively. Previous waypoints or routes may be restored from a library, or, with a GPS connection, the active route may be imported to the system online.
Having a GPS connection allows the current ship position, speed and heading to be plotted on the chart.
The system evaluates the expected ship performance along the routes taking into account the weather pattern and the engine settings, as well as the main ship particulars and load condition.

The results are presented for each leg individually as well as for the entire route in terms of ship speed, fuel consumption and ETA.
All data are stored continuously, and the full history can be accessed post-voyage. Selected sequences from a particular voyage can be replayed.

These voyage records may also be used to establish data bases on ship's dynamic history and performance.
•   Forecast weather data for up to 10 days, available twice daily.
•   Adjustable resolution, forecast area and forecast length.
•   Tropical cyclone forecasts available up to four times per day.
•   Pack ice limits available daily.
•   Routing assistance.
•   24/7 customer support.
•   Shore-based fleet monitoring with AMI Fleet Manager
With a GPS connection, the system can handle
several tasks automatically. Requests for new
weather data can be scheduled and
administered by the system, assuring that the
optimal amount of data is transferred in order to
minimize the communication costs.

The route will be adjusted to match the current
ship position, and the remaining parts
re-evaluated each time new weather data
The system may be configured to regularly e-mail a route summary to one or more user-selectable addresses.
•   IBM PC or compatible, 1 GHz or faster.
•   512 MB RAM recommended.
•   250 MB free hard disk space.
•   19" display (1280 x 1024) recommended.
•   Optionally one free PC COM port for GPS connection according to NMEA 0183, version 2.00.
Either of the following operating systems:
-   Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, Service Pack 6a, Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher and Adobe
     TypeManager 4.1 or higher installed.
-   Windows 2000/Windows XP.
In order to use online weather requests, the following is required:
-   Network adapter with TCP/IP protocol.
-   Dedicated e-mail account at e-mail server with support for SMTP and POP3 protocols
     (with attachments).
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